TheraPatch Fever Cool Gel Patch for Kids

Fever Cool Gel Patch for Kids

Weight: 7 patches


Open pouch and remove patch. Remove plastic backing and apply patch to forehead or neck. Discard patch after each use. Use as often as needed. For maximum effect, do not open pouch until use. Store at room temperature (36-86 degrees F). For more intense cooling effect, store in refrigerator. Do not freeze. Apply one or two patches as needed.

Product Details

1-1/2 x 2-3/4 inch patches. Individually packaged. Stay fresh pouch. Instant cooling relief. TheraPatch Fever Cool Gel Patch for Kids for fever discomfort; anytime your child feels hot. Drug free. Safe to use with medications. Lasts for hours. Apply pressure gently to patch to reactivate cooling sensation. TheraPatch Fever Cool Gel was developed to calm and comfort your children when they feel hot. Removes easily and painlessly. TheraPatch Fever Cool Gel is drug free, latex free, non-toxic and safe to use with medications. Each patch cools instantly and lasts for hours. Patch is self-adherent and repositionable on the skin.



For external use on intact skin only. Use only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if skin sensitivity or irritation occurs. This product is intended to manage the discomfort of feeling hot associated with activity or fever. Seek medical attention for the underlying causes of any fever.


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