Super-X Tire Inflator

Tire Inflator, Emergency

Weight: 12 oz (340 g)


Shake can well before using. Rotate wheel so that tire valve is at bottom. If necessary, remove wheel cover and extension stem. Turn can upside down and place can nozzle over tire valve. Press down firmly to inflate tire. Make sure the tire valve and the can nozzle are vertically aligned. Use entire contents of can for automobile or light truck tires. For use on passenger car, van, and pick-up trucks only. Do not use on motorcycles or any two-wheeled vehicles. Immediately drive or roll tire so foam is evenly distributed. Drive to the nearest service facility for permanent repair. Use 2 or more cans for truck tires. Note: Can must be used at 60 degrees F to work effectively. Warm can with car heater, as needed, but never with direct flame. Super-X Emergency Tire Inflator will not repair blowouts, bead leaks, or faulty valves.

Product Details

Seals and inflates flat tires. Super-X Emergency Tire Inflator is designed to be used with any passenger car, truck, boat trailer, or almost any pneumatic type tire. It's special latex foam formula will seal most puncture type injuries while inflating the tire. Safe method to temporarily repair tire. Reduces hazards of roadside tire changing. Will not adversely affect tire balance. Made in USA.



Extremely flammable. Contents under pressure. vapor may be harmful. Read back panel carefully. User must alert repairman that this tire contains highly flammable gas. User must apply the peel-off warning label to the rim or tire near the valve stem. Please clean and dry surface before applying label. This warning label may come off or become illegible. Have tire professionally repaired promptly. This tire contains a highly flammable gas. Avoid sparks and open flame, use extreme caution when venting gas. Do not weld on rim or use tire reamer until tire is removed from rim. Read all warnings and instructions before use. Contains water (CAS 7732-18-5), propane-isobutane-n-butane (CAS 68476-86-8), vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer (CAS 24937-78-8) ethylene glycol (CAS 107-21-1) and ammonium hydroxide (CAS 1336-21-6). Do not use near heat sparks, and open flame. Do not release inflator gases when deflating near heat, sparks, and open flame. Store in garage or car trunk. Never in passenger compartment of car. Contents under pressure. Do not store in direct sunlight or where temperatures would exceed 120 degrees F. Do not puncture or incinerate container. Avoid prolonged skin contact or breathing of vapor. Use with adequate ventilation. After using this product, do not deflate tire near heat, sparks, or open flame, as tire may contain explosive gas. Before performing a permanent repair, it is recommended that the tire be deflated and reinflated at least 3 times to purge the tire of all remaining explosive gas. Do not store in passenger compartment of vehicle as resulting high temperatures may cause to burst. Keep out of reach of children.


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