STP Vision Blade Glass Treatment

Vision Blade Glass Treatment

Weight: 1 each


Do not push the push button of Vision Blade until you have read all directions and the glass to be treated has been prepared as described. Do not apply during very high humidity or when temperature is below 40 degrees F. Once activated, you have to apply the Vision Blade formula immediately. Vision Blade will treat the primary vision area of two cars (windshield, two front side windows) or all the glass of one car. 1. Prepare glass: Thoroughly clean glass to be treated with a normal glass cleaner. Dry glass thoroughly. 2. Activate Vision Blade applicator: Hold blade with push button toward you. Keep felt edge level and facing down. Over lap your thumbs and place them on center of push button. Hold the applicator with the felt edge down for 10 seconds so formula can saturate felt. Make a firm, quick push, concentrating the force on the center of the button. You should hear a distinct pop which will break two internal chambers and release the fluid to the felt. Both chambers must break for adequate volume of fluid. Note: If you find it difficult to obtain a pop with your thumbs or if you are in doubt whether both chambers broke, place the Vision Blade applicator on a hard surface and push down on the push area with the heel of your hand. 3. Apply Vision Blade with over-lapping strokes to surfaces to be treated as follows: For one vehicle: Start with front windshield and continue around car to coat remaining glass. Next, buff from windshield with a paper towel and re-coat front windshield to assure maximum durability. For two vehicles: Apply to both front and back windshields, then apply to the front side windows of each car. Next, buff from windshields with a paper towel and re-coat front windshields to assure maximum durability. Wait 2-3 minutes, then buff treated glass with a paper towel or clean lint-free cloth. Your glass is now fully treated; it's that simple. Avoid painted surfaces. If solution is accidentally spilled onto a painted surface, remove it using a soft paper towel.

Product Details

Lasts for 6 months on average. Helps you drive more safely. Reduces rain glare at night. Easy to apply. Helps removal of ice & bugs. Improves visibility in rain. Treats two car windshields! Vision Blade is the most advanced glass treatment on the market today. Why is Vision Blade different from other glass treatment products? The formula in Vision Blade was developed from proprietary chemistry at PPG industries, a world leader in glass technology. Its formula is derived from the same technology used in the aerospace industry for many commercial aircraft. The durability of Vision Blade is unsurpassed because the active ingredients chemically bond to glass, and virtually, become part of the glass. That's why Vision Blade will normally last a full six months! What can I expect after I apply Vision Blade? During the first rain after you have applied Vision Blade you will see a remarkable improvement in your visibility. The rain forms tight beads which benefit visibility in two ways. First, this beading allows you to see through more of the window uninhibited by water spread over the surface. Second, as you drive, the beads of water roll off the window much quicker than water on untreated glass that puddles on the surface. The benefit from this water beading is dramatic; you'll probably wonder how you ever drove in rain without Vision Blade, especially at night. How will Vision Blade effect my wipers? Vision Blade will have no adverse effect on your windshield wipers other than you may find you're not changing them as often. Vision Blade is so efficient at removing water, many people find they use their wipers less often, and on lower speeds. How do I maintain the benefits of Vision Blade? No special maintenance is needed to maintain the performance of Vision Blade. Wash your car and your glass as you would normally; the Vision Blade treatment will not be adversely effected. Easy to apply: Apply with Vision Blade applicator, a quick wipe and you're done. Dramatically improves driver vision in rain. Oncoming traffic, road hazards, pedestrians, are all seen more clearly, even in heavy rain with Vision Blade. The benefits of Vision Blade are especially welcome at night when driving in rain is particularly difficult. On a rainy night, lights diffuse in the water that puddles up on an untreated windshield, increasing glare and impairing visibility. The patented formula of Vision Blade causes water to quickly repel from the surface of treated glass. It also causes water to quickly repel to form tight beads reducing light diffusion and glare. The ability of Vision Blade to repel water also benefits the removal of snow and ice. The active ingredient of Vision Blade bonds to the surface of the glass in a continuous layer which minimizes snow and ice's ability to adhere. Also, the same properties that keep ice from sticking to your windshield will also make it easier to remove bugs, bird droppings, berries, mud, dust, dirt, etc.



May cause mild eye irritation and moderate skin irritation. Avoid eye and skin contact. For eye contact, flush thoroughly with water. For skin contact wash thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, contact a physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children.


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