Prestone Super Sealer

Super Sealer

Weight: 14.5 fl oz (428 ml)


1. With engine off and cold, remove radiator cap. Be sure radiator is nearly full. 2. Shake jug. Pour contents into radiator. For cooling systems of 9 quart capacity or less, use 1/2 jug (check your owner's manual). 3. Replace radiator cap. 4. Run engine at idle, with heater on until leak stops. Continue running for 10 minutes after reaching operating temperature. 5. With engine off and cool, remove radiator cap and check fluid level. Add a 50% solution of Preston Antifreeze/Coolant if needed. Replace radiator cap. If leak has not stopped after use of one bottle, mechanical repair may be necessary.

Product Details

Preston patented formula. Quickly seals large leaks. Patented formula (U.S. Pat. No. 4,439,561) is harmless to all cooling system parts and designed to seal larger leaks. Prestone Super Sealer is ideal for leaking cooling systems or as preventive maintenance during antifreeze change. Some larger leaks may require mechanical repair. Do not use in a dirty or partially clogged radiator. If prior cleaning is needed, Prestone Super Flush is recommended.



For eye contact immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Call a physician immediately. Avoid eye contact. Contains glutaraldehyde. Keep out or reach of children. Do not remove radiator cap while cooling system is hot.


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