Prestone Flush 'N Fill Kit

Flush 'N Fill Kit

Weight: 1 kit


First read the entire instructions; then follow these simple steps. To install: 1. Make sure engine is cool, then carefully loosen radiator cap to release any pressure and re-tighten cap. If radiator has no cap or it is unaccessible, release, vent and re-tighten the pressure cap on the expansion tank, if so equipped. If it has a conventional recovery system (a non-pressurized plastic bottle) and no radiator cap accessibility, vent and reseal the system via the cap covering the thermostat. 2. Two heater hoses extend from the firewall to the engine; in both front and rear wheel drive vehicles. Hose No. 1 runs from firewall to water pump. Hose No. 2 runs from firewall to top of engine. This is the heater inlet hose. Ask a qualified mechanic if uncertain. 3. Tee should be installed in a relatively straight section of the inlet hose. Cut heater inlet hose; Install Tee that provides snug fit in heater inlet hose. Remaining Tees should be discarded. Check for leaks after installation. 4. Tighten hose clamps with screwdriver. Do not over tighten. The Prestone flushing method: Rust and dirty coolant that circulates in your car's cooling system can lead to a clogged radiator, resulting in overheating and engine damage. Draining the radiator alone does not sufficiently remove old coolant, as the radiator may contain only 40% of the coolant. The Prestone Flush 'N Fill Kit professionally flushes the complete cooling system, not just the radiator, in one easy process. To back-flush: 1. Making sure engine is cool, remove radiator cap and Flushing Tee Cap. Attach Back-Flow Preventer Coupler to Flushing Tee and water supply line.(Black end to tee, Yellow end to garden hose). If vehicle has no radiator cap or is inaccessible, it is possible to back flush by disconnecting the upper radiator hose at the radiator. 2. When appropriate, snap Splash Tube into radiator neck and open radiator drain. Turn on water to garden hose. Check to see that liquid is emerging from the Deflector Tube or radiator hose fitting before proceeding. 3. Start engine and let run at idle speed during flushing. Set heater control on high. Back-flush cooling system until water from splash tube runs clear - approximately 5 minutes. 4. Shut off engine, then turn off water. Remove Splash Tube, garden hose and Coupler. After radiator has drained, close radiator drain. Reconnect radiator hose if necessary. To fill - 1. Determine how much Prestone antifreeze to install to achieve a minimum 50 % maximum 70 % solution for year round protection. 2. With cap off tee, pour some Prestone antifreeze into radiator, expansion tank or thermostat housing opening. Water and slight amount of diluted Prestone antifreeze will be displaced from Flushing Tee. 3. After the solution from the tee becomes concentrated, quickly replace Flushing Tee Cap. Make sure gasket is in place. Tighten securely by hand. Complete filling the system. 4. Run engine to normal operating temperature with radiator (proper cap) removed, to shut engine off. Add more Prestone antifreeze or water to pro properly fill the system. Replace cap tightly. 5. If engine has a coolant recovery system, flush out coolant reservoir and fill to proper level with 50 % Prestone antifreeze. If the system has an expansion tank fitted with pressure cap be sure it is filled to its proper level as well. Disposal of used antifreeze coolant: Observe local laws and regulations. Where permitted, we recommend disposal in sanitary sewer systems. Do not drain onto the ground or into storm drainage systems.

Product Details

Fits most cars and trucks. Now you can professionally back-flush your cooling system and easily install antifreeze/coolant in minutes. Splash deflector tube. Hose clamp. Back-flow preventer coupler. Hose clamp. Flush & fill tee.



Do not leave hose and coupler connected cooling system cleaner. Do not siphon coolant from reservoir by mouth.


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