Playtex Natural Action Flat Top Silicone Nipples

Flat Top Silicone Nipples, Medium Flow, 0 to 12 Months

Weight: 2 nipples


Boil nipples for five minutes before first use only. Do not boil thereafter. Simply wash in warm. Soapy water before each use and rinse thoroughly. Do not place nipples in steam sterilizes or dishwashers.

Product Details

Better for baby, most like mothers. Made from clear medical grade silicone for a feel some babies will prefer. Playtex Natural Action Nipples functions like mother's breast because it elongates in baby's mouth as does mother's nipple during breastfeeding. Natural Action nipple delivers a smooth, steady flow of liquid to back of baby's tone, encouraging baby's natural sucking reflex.



To prevent a possible choking hazard, test strength of especially when baby is teething. If nipple becomes cracked, torn or shows other signs of excess wear. Discontinue use immediately. Do not attempt to enlarge slip in nipple with a pin or other sharp object, as this will cause tearing.


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