Rite Aid Thermometer

Thermometer, Basal Digital

Weight: 1 thermometer


Please review complete instructions before using. This digital thermometer may be used for oral or rectal temperature taking.

Product Details

Beeps when ready. Memory displays last temperature taken. Measures body temperature with accuracy. Convenient, easy-to-read display registers in hundredths of degrees. Includes ovulation chart. Water resistant. 5 free probe covers. Helps determine date of ovulation! Certified Accurate: Meets accuracy standards for clinical thermometers; Reads temperature in hundredths of a degree; Beeps when ready. Easy-to-Use: Press button and place in mouth; Beeps and display stops flashing when ready (complete instructions enclosed); Memory displays previous temperature reading; Shuts off if left on for 3 minutes to conserve long lasting battery. Easy-to-Read: Convenient, easy-to read display. Safety: No glass to break. Basal Body Temperature Reading: The normal body temperature of a healthy woman taken immediately upon wakening in the morning is called a basal temperature. Due to hormonal changes, this temperature normally rises after ovulation. Temperature increases near the middle of your menstrual cycle can indicate ovulation has occurred. Understanding ovulation patterns: daily tracking of your basal temperature can help you identify ovulation timing. Use the temperature charts (included in this package) to help track your temperature for your menstrual cycles. A pattern will eventually become visible by taking your temperature with the Rite Aid Digital Basal Thermometer each morning throughout your cycle. This pattern, along with other indicators, can help you determine the timing of your ovulation. A better understanding of ovulating timing can help you increase or decrease your likelihood of conception. This product is not for contraceptive use. Professional advice: temperature indications and other observations are only indicators of ovulation. Medical knowledge and training is required to interpolate such information. Completed temperature charts will assist your physician in fertility diagnosis and natural fertility planning. Contents: one Basal Thermometer, one each 1.55V dc button battery, protective case, 5 free probe covers, instructions & ovulation chart. Made in China.



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