Safeway Easy Sleeps Underpants

Underpants, Disposable Absorbent, L/XL, 65-125 lb, Mega

Weight: 21 pants


Easy to use: Just step in and pull on. Disposal: Tear brief along each of the perforated, tear-away sides. Roll up and dispose of in a sanitary manner. Do not flush.

Product Details

Feels & looks like underwear. Better comfort & snug fit. Unisex. Dri-Guard for great protection. Advanced overnight protection. Looks and feels like real underwear! 1. Dri-Guard leak barriers help prevent side leakage. 2. Stretchy sides and waist for better comfort and a snug fit. 3. Super-dry core helps prevent leaks. 4. Tear-away sides allow for quick and easy removal. 5. Colored thread to help indicate the back of the product. Product of USA.



To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. If product is torn, keep out of reach of babies and children to avoid choking. Youth pants - like most articles of clothing - may burn if exposed to flame or other source of ignition.


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