Rienzi Pura Mineral Water

Mineral Water, Natural

Weight: 33.8 fl oz (1 lt)


Store in a cool, dry and clean place, once open keep refrigerated.

Product Details

Bottled at the source. Low mineral content. From the heart of Italy. We support renewable energy sources. A unique resource from the ancient Mt. Vulture. Pura flows from Monticchio's Springs, in the heart of Basilicata Region, on the uncontaminated slopes of Mt. Vulture, an ancient volcano extinct for over 130,000 years at 4350 ft. above sea level. To further safeguard the purity of the water, the company subsidizes and gives incentives to local farmers to implement solely biological agricultural techniques (EEC 2092/91) certified by ICEA. Pura water: your health in a bottle. While keeping all the natural volcanic-like oligo-elements, the slight presence of micro-elements and delicate taste, places Pura mineral water among those products ideal for the well-being of the entire family. Imported from Italy.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 8 oz
Servings per container: 4

Sodium 10.8 mg
Calcium 9.6 mg 1%
Is or Contains Flavor




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