Walgreens Scented Oil Diffuser

Scented Oil Diffuser, Vanilla

Weight: 1 diffuser


Open the bottle of fragrant oil and discard the cap inside. Slip the decorative sleeve over the neck of the bottle and insert the rattan reeds. Fragrance will disperse within 48 hours.

Product Details

The Reed Diffuser is an easy, effective and safe way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your home or office. How It Works: The aromatic oils are absorbed up through the slender rattan reeds and released natural enhancing a room with wonderful fragrance that lasts up to four months (depending on the surroundings). Made in China.



Handle with care. When handling the diffuser please grasp by the bottle not by the neck. Avoid contact of oil and reeds on skin, eyes, wood surfaces and fabrics. Oil may cause staining. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid excessive heat or open flames.


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