Earth Scents Cottage Pantry Collection Diffuser Lamp

Diffuser Lamp, Catalytic Aroma

Weight: 1 lamp

Product Details

How the Lamp Works: 1. Airborne molecules that cause odors are filtered through the lamp and concerted into oxygen. 2. While this is happening, the lamp emits a light and delightful fragrance. an entire room or house is deodorized and scented in just a few minutes, and the fragrance lasts for hours. The Earth Scents Cottage Pantry Collection Catalytic Aroma Lamp destroys odors in the air before perfuming it. The lamp uses catalytic combustion to move air through the lamp's heat chamber. When lit heat rises rapidly from the lamp's catalytic filter. The heat mixes with cooler air, creates a continuous flow of air through the combustion chamber, a process known as catalytic conversion. With the many designs and colors, you are sure to find one that will complement your home or office. This mighty lamp can perfume an entire home in less than one hour. Made in China.



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