Incredible Pink All Purpose Super Cleaner and Degreaser

All Purpose Super Cleaner and Degreaser

Weight: 32 fl oz (946.2 ml)


Uses and Dilutions: Degreasing, Automotive engines, oven cleaning, fiberglass, wax stripper, aluminum screens, ink stains, asphalt or cement cleaner, bilge cleaning, and any other tough jobs. Use as is or dilute with half hot water and apply. Car wash, vinyl cleaning, upholstery, rug cleaning (Should not be used on carpets with acid base stain guards), vinyl siding, swimming pool liners, plus all other light cleaning applications. Mix 0.25 cup incredible pink to a gallon of water. Laundry. Add 0.25 cup to a load to remove food stains, odors (Such as smoke and mildew), and ring around the collar, also use as a pre-spotter for stains. Excellent cleaner for smoke, fire, fuel oil, or water damages. These dilutions are recommendations, and may be increased if the situation applies. Always pretest for color fast to prevent bleeding. Never use on hot painted surfaces, wait for surface to cool. Uses are not limited to those listed above. Incredible Pink is safe for most surfaces.

Product Details

The Original. Works where others fail. Biodegradable. Non-Toxic. Non-Flammable. A trusted formula since 1978, Incredible pink has proven to out perform most other cleaners. With its tremendous cleaning ability and its unlimited uses. Incredible pink is surely the perfect solution to all your cleaning needs. Use for your home, automobile, RV, boat and much, much more! Undoubtedly the most versatile product ever developed. This multi-purpose water based cleaner contains no petroleum solvents, yet out performs all known petroleum based degreasers. So trust the name you love. Incredible pink ask for it by name or look for the lighthouse, and remember if it doesn't say incredible it's not. Many other uses not listed. Made in Maine.



Keep out of reach of children. product may cause irritation to skin or eyes. If contact occurs to skin or eyes, flush with large amounts of water. If swallowed drink several glasses of water and consult a physician. Avoid breathing atomized mist.


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