Spic and Span Cleaner

Cleaner, Original Formula Dosage

Weight: 27 oz (1 lb 11 oz) (765 g)


Mix With Water: Mix 1/4 cup Spic and Span per 1/2 bucket (1 gallon) warm water. Clean with a mop, sponge or cloth. Usually no need to rinse. For extra tough jobs, use a little more. Straight From the Box: Sprinkle Spic and Span onto wet surfaces or damp sponge. Wipe clean and rinse. Toilet: Pour into toilet, scrub with brush. Flush. Big Jobs/Floors: To clean painted walls, finished woodwork, ceilings, waxable and no-wax floors, use diluted only. Wash wall a section at a time from bottom up to avoid streaking. No rinsing needed. Before using on wallpapered surfaces, test a small area. Kitchen Surfaces: To clean grease and stubborn stains from stoves, refrigerators, sinks, countertops, and all washable modern surfaces, use Spic and Span straight from the box or diluted. Bathroom Surfaces: Use Spic and Span straight from the box or diluted to clean toilets, sinks, tubs, countertops and other washable bathroom surfaces. To clean delicate bathroom surfaces such as fiberglass bathtubs and other acrylic or soft plastic surfaces, use diluted only. Outside The House: Use Spice and Span diluted or straight from the box to clean concrete floors, driveways, brick surfaces, outdoor furniture, grills, and other washable surfaces. On painted or vinyl siding, use diluted only. It is not recommended for washing cars or unpainted aluminum surfaces. Strip Floor Wax: To remove wax from floors, use 1-1/2 cups Spic and Span in 1/2 bucket (1 gallon) water. With mop dampened in this solution, brush the solution onto the floor with firm strokes. Do a small 2 foot square section at a time. Rinse thoroughly. If removing a heavy wax build-up, it may be necessary to repeat the process. Scuff Marks: To remove heel marks and scuffs or stubborn stains, sprinkle Spic and Span on damp sponge or cloth. Wipe the soiled area. Rinse. Screens: To clean window screens, use diluted or straight from the box. Apply thoroughly with a scrub brush. Do one side or the screen then the other. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Improper rinsing can cause aluminum screens to darken.

Product Details

The Tough Job Cleaner. For floors and all washable surfaces. Contains no phosphates.



Spic and Span is Formulated With Ingredients Which Soften Water and Remove Dirt and Grease (Sodium Carbonate) Plus Other Cleaning Agents (Anionic Surfactant, Sodium Silicate), Perfume, Quality Control Agents, and Color.


Other cleaning products, especially chlorine bleach, should not be mixed with Spic and Span. Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed, drink a glassful of water. For sensitive skin or prolonged contact, wear rubber gloves to protect skin.


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