Dr. Scholl's Ingrown Toenail Relief Strips

Ingrown Toenail Relief Strips

Weight: 6 strips


1. Wash and dry the toe. 2. Place the elevated ridge in the groove between the toenail and the tender skin so that the longer end of the soft pad is over the toenail and the shorter end is over the tender skin. 3. Gently wrap tape around toe to hold the strip in proper position. Allow a space between the strip and the skin at the base of the nail as shown. 4. Remove strip prior to going to bed and reapply every morning after shower or bath. Continue to use until nail has grown out past skin. If pain increases, loosen the tape or remove the strip.

Product Details

An effective non-medicated, non-surgical treatment for the relief of ingrown toenail pain. Gently separates the ingrown toenail from the skin with each step you take. Easy to use, no mess.



Do not use this product if you are a diabetic, or if you have poor blood circulation unless under the direct care of a physician. If discomfort persists, or toe appears infected, see your doctor or podiatrist.


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