3M Toothbrush/Razor Holder

Toothbrush/Razor Holder

Weight: 1 holder


To Apply: 1. Select Location - Choose a location where strip is not over grout lines if possible. Caution: Place Toothbrush/Razor Holder in accessible position for removal by ensuring tab can stretch at least 15 inches upon removal. 2. Clean & Dry Surface - Thoroughly clean surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol to remove all soap, shampoo and cleaner residue. Wipe surface completely Do Not use household cleaners. 3. Apply Strip - One strip will go on the mounting base. Remove red Command Strip liner. Align square end of strip with solid line on top of mounting base, centering strip over dotted lines. Press firmly. Remove black wall side liner. Make sure round tab is at bottom of mounting base. 4. Position & Press - Position and press entire Toothbrush/Razor Holder firmly against surface for 5 seconds. 5. Remove Toothbrush/Razor Holder - Slide Toothbrush/Razor Holder up to remove from mounting base. 6. Press Firmly - Firmly press mounting base along length of strip for at least 30 seconds. 7. Wait 1 hour to allow adhesive to bond. 8. Slide holder back onto mounting base until it snaps into place. To Remove: 1. Slide Toothbrush/Razor Holder off base. Reveal mounting base and removal tab. 2. Hold base lightly. To prevent base from snapping you fingers, lightly hold mounting base. 3. Remove strip. Never pull strip out at an angle. Strip could break or damage surface. Slowly slide tab straight down against wall stretching strip at least 15 inches until mounting base releases from wall. Note: Apply to surface above 15 degrees F (-10 degrees C). Adhesive could soften and lose adhesion above 125 degrees F (50 degrees C). Do not use as a grab bar. Toothbrush/Razor Holder can be reused with a Command Water-Resistant Replacement Strip. Make sure that you are able to stretch the strip for at least 15 inches for removal.

Product Details

Command Water-Resistant Strips. Holds on strongly; Comes off cleanly; Easy removal for cleaning. Strip holds better than suction cups. Each holder holds 3 lb/1kg. Contains: 1 Holder; 1 Large Strip. Toothbrush/Razor Holder with Command Water-Resistant Strips. Dishwasher safe. Limited Warranty.



Do Not use with dedicate or paper wallpaper. May not adhere will to some vinyl wallpapers. Do Not use for antiques, heirlooms, or other valuable or irreplaceable items. Do Not hand objects over beds.


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