Glass Baron Handcrafted Glass

Handcrafted Glass, Butterfly, Pink Pizzazz

Weight: 1 unit

Product Details

Experience the beauty of handcrafted glass. Genuine Swarovski crystals. Real 22 kt gold accents. Inspired by life, inspired by love. Glass Baron. Celebrating 35 years. From our hands to yours. At Glass Baron, glass art is our passion. More than most, we understand what glass is capable of: how talented artists can transform an idea into three dimensional wonders from a simple glass rod. How a ray of light can almost bring a piece to life - revealing new facets, amazing form and elegance. Unparalleled creativity, quality and attention to detail. A Glass Baron gift is the perfect way to transform an emotion into a unique keepsake your loved ones will treasure forever. Individually handcrafted gifts for those you treasure most. Making imagination come to life in a way only glass can. Designed by Glass Baron, USA. Handmade by Glass Baron in China.



Glass Baron, USA
Virginia Beach, VA 23455