Instant Power Hair Clog Remover

Hair Clog Remover

Weight: 67.6 fl oz (2 lt)


Remove standing water down to opening. Pour in 1/4 bottle. Wait one hour - overnight is best. Flush with hot water to clear drain. Wear safety goggles and long rubber gloves to protect from possible eruption of Lye. Remove standing water. Pour drain opener slowly, directly into drain. Repeat if necessary. Bathroom Sinks, Tubs & Shower: Slowly pour 2 cups (1/4 bottle) directly into drain. Wait at least 1 hour before flushing with hot water. Overnight is best. Instant Power will continue to dissolve hair deposits as long as it is in the drain. If the clog is further down the drain pipe, more Instant Power will be needed to reach the clog. Opening: Always keep bottle on stable, flat surface and hold by handle. Do not squeeze sides. Doing so may cause eruption of liquid. Remove cap by pressing down and unscrewing. Use a sharp instrument to completely remove silver heat seal by gently cutting out from the inside of neck. Always replace cap after use. If liquid comes in contact with your skin, refer to first aid instructions.

Product Details

For sinks, tubs, shower. Safe for all pipes. Guaranteed to work on the toughest clogs. Clears the toughest clogs guaranteed!



Poison: Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Causes severe burns on contact. Keep out of children's reach. Drain chemicals can cause severe burns and blindness. Always wear protective safety goggles and long rubber gloves when using and when working on drain pipes that remain clogged and contain drain chemicals. 1. Keep locked up & out of the reach of children. Do not use in the presence of children or pets. 2. Do not use where other drain openers or chemicals are present or have failed to clear the drain. Doing so can result in dangerous eruptions of Lye or the creation of toxic gasses. Call a plumber. 3. Because of possible eruption of Lye, do not stand over, or look into any drain opening while using. 4. Immediately after pouring drain opener into drain, cover opening with a non-aluminum dish, pan or bucker to protect from the possible eruption of Lye. 5. Do not use in garbage disposers, toilets, dishwaters or other appliances. Do not plunge because splashing may cause injury. Safe for all piping and septic tanks when used as directed. First Aid - Internal: Do not induce vomiting. Drink a couple of glasses of water or milk. If vomiting occurs, keep air way clear (call physician immediately). Call your poison control center. 800-222-1222. Eyes: Flush with water immediately for at least 15 minutes. If wearing contact lenses, remove first (call physician immediately). Skin: Immediately flood with water and wash with vinegar. Remove contaminated clothing (call physician immediately). Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If breathing is difficult, administer oxygen (call physician immediately). Contains sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide.


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