Entrust Plus Bladder Control Pads, Ultra Plus Absorbency

Bladder Control Pads, Ultra Plus Absorbency

Weight: 42 pads


1. Remove the peel strip from adhesive. 2. Gently press pad into a pair of close-fitting panties, adhesive side down. 3. Adjust for comfort. 4. Change as often as you feel comfortable.

Product Details

With Omni-Odor Guard protection. Instasorb layer for rapid absorption. Soft-Surround Gathers conform to your body. Omni-Odor Guard reduces odor without fragrance or deodorants. Individually wrapped pads combine the discreet, comfortable fit of a maxi with the most absorbency available in a pad and odor reduction meant just for feminine leakage protection. 1. Over 2 inches longer than our Ultra Absorbency Pads. 2. Soft side shields form a protective leak barrier to guide moisture into the pad for better reliability and comfort. 3. Instasorb layer rapidly draws wetness away from the surface and into the pad, while the Velsoft cover is soft and dry next to your skin. 4. Ultra-Dry Quilting material disperses moisture throughout the super absorbent padding, where liquid is locked away to help prevent leaks. 5. Soft-Surround Gathers design provides extra leakage protection by conforming to your body.



Do not flush. Dispose of in a sanitary manner. Pads - like most articles of clothing - may burn if exposed to flame or other source of ignition. Bladder and bowel control problems can be treated medically. Consult your physician for additional information. Keep plastic bags away from children and pets.


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