Cosmar Sculpture Quik II Acrylic Nails, Brush On Acrylic Formula

Acrylic Nails, Brush On Acrylic Formula, Sport

Weight: 1 kit


Apply nail tip, brush on acrylic liquid, sprinkle on powder, buff and polish, salon perfect nails.

Product Details

No mix formula. Patented formula is faster and easier than other sculpture kits. Instant long, strong, smooth acrylic nails in minutes. Patented nails tips designed for natural fit and appearance. Minimal filing needed - just buff to finish. Contains: 1/4 oz Acrylic Powder, 1/8 fl oz Acrylic Liquid, 24 Nail Tips, 3 gm Ultra Bond Nail Glue, Dusting Brush, Two Sided Nail Buffer, Manicure Stick, Easy To Use Instruction Mat.



Acrylic Liquid: Methacrylate Esters, Cellulose Ether, N-Dimethyl-P-Toluidine, P-Methoxyphenol. Acryilc Powder: Polyethyl Methacrylate, Benzoyl Peroxide. Ultra Bond Nail Glue: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate.


Read all warning and complete instructions before applying. Do not use this product if you are allergic to ethyl cyanoacrylate. Products are eye irritants. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and get immediate medical help. Keep all parts of this kit away from children. Components of this kit are flammable. Keep away from heat and flames. Avoid contact with fabric as heat may occur. Glue bonds skin instantly. If skin becomes bonded, soak in acetone polish remover or soapy water until skin can be gently separated. Do not apply to weak or damaged nails or if cuticle area is irritated or inflamed. Do not use if you are sensitive to acrylic products.


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