Safeway Power Toothbrush

Power Toothbrush, Clean, Soft

Weight: 1 toothbrush


Replaceable Brushhead: To replace brushhead, remove by turning counter-clockwise 90 degrees. Insert new brushhead and turn clockwise 90 degrees until it clocks into proper position. Replaceable Batteries: To replace batteries; remove bottom of handle by pulling down and to one side. Replace with 2 AA alkaline batteries only and observe proper polarity as indicated inside batter compartment. Operating Instructions: Push on/push off button. Turn brush on and brush your teeth as you normally would. Rinse brushhead with unit turned on after every use and then turn off.

Product Details

Advanced. Compare to Arm & Hammer Pro Clean Toothbrush. (This product is not manufactured by Arm & Hammer manufacturer and distributor of Spinbrush Pro Clean.) 2 AA alkaline batteries included. Comfortable, contoured handle provides control and maneuverability while brushing. Slim, tapered head comfortably and easily reaches difficult-to-reach places. Made in China.



Do not mix old and new batteries. Replace only with AA alkaline batteries. Use by children under 3 years old should be under adult supervision only. To avoid damage, do not completely submerge unit in water. Do not use a brushhead that is damaged. Dentists recommend replacing brushhead every 3 months or after illness.


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