Mattel UNO Attack! Game

Attack! Game

Weight: 1 game


5 special command cards control the action! Trade hands: Get a helpful hand - by trading yours with another player's. Discard all: Play all your cards that match the color of the Discard Pile card! All hit: Each player takes a chance and hits the UNO Attack! Button. Hit-Fire: Uh-oh - you have to hit the No Attack! Button until it fires! Hit 2: Hit the No Attack! Button twice - better hope it doesn't go off!

Product Details

Ages 7 and up. 2 to 10 players. It's a random, rapid-fire card shoot-out! Electronic Card Launcher and Sound Alert! 5 Special command cards control the action! Trade hands, Discard all, All hit, Hit-Fire, Hit 2. The Frenzied, Unpredictable Version of the Popular UNO Game: You never know when it will happen. But sooner or later, it'll happen to you! UNO Attack! Adds speed and surprise to the classic UNO card game! Command cards direct you and other players to push the UNO Attack! Button on the card launcher. If you're lucky, nothing will happen. But it you're not, you'll be surprised by a steady stream of UNO Attack! cards! Contents: 112 UNO Attack! Cards including special command cards; 2-Piece motorized card launcher; Instruction sheet. Made in China.



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