Thinking Toy Disney Princess Interactive Magic Wand

Interactive Magic Wand with 3 Princesses

Weight: 1 each


Wave the wand to hear magical pixie dust sounds. While waving or when the light is flashing, press any button to hear a magical wish sound. After waving the wand or when the light stops flashing, press the glass slipper button to hear Cinderella to speak. Press the rose button to listen to Belle, or press the apple button for Snow White. Choose a princess by pressing any of these buttons and they will light up and speak to you. Function Selector: When the button on the back of the wand is set to Try Me, functions are limited and intended for demonstration only. Switch button to Play position for full function operation. Battery Instructions: Under adult supervision, open the battery cover with a screwdriver and replace with 2 new AA alkaline batteries as shown (not included). Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Product Details

Ages 4+. Talks! Lights up! Hear 3 Princess voices! Just like magic, wave wand to hear pixie dust sounds! With 9 sayings and magical sounds! Hello, I'm Cinderella! How do you do? I'm Snow White! Hello, I'm Belle. Are you ready for some magic? Every girl wants to be a Princess. Make a wish, wave the wand and press a button. Magically, your favorite Disney Princess will light up and talk to you! Made in China.



Attention: This product includes 2 AA batteries for demonstration only. Battery life may be impaired. Replace with 2 new AA alkaline batteries for regular use (not included). Caution: To Avoid Battery Leakage: 1. Be sure to insert battery correctly and follow the toy and battery manufacturer's instructions. 2. Never mix old batteries with new batteries, or mix Carbon-Zinc, alkaline or Nickel-Cadmium batteries. 3. Always remove exhausted or dead batteries from the product. Warning: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


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