Gain Liquid Fabric Softener, Original, 21 Loads 64 Fl oz

64.0 FL OZ JUG



Use Cap to Measure: For small loads fill to lower line. Fill to lower line for medium loads, middle line for large loads, or upper line for extra large loads. Add to the machine dispenser or final rinse.


Marketing Description

Gain Liquid Fabric Softener, Original, 21 Loads 64 Fl oz.
Fresh-tastic softness!
39? Loads.
1.89 L (2 US qt) 64 fl oz liq.

Other Description

Scent capsules break for amazing scent that lasts and lasts.
Add more scent to every load.
Pour directly into rinse cycle or into fabric softener dispenser.
Softens more loads with less ounces.
Ultra softens more than 3 times as many loads per ounce.
Liquid Fabric Softener; fight static + soften.
Fabric softener helps make your clothing softer while it decreases static and adds more amazing Gain scent.
Use with Gain laundry detergent and keep your laundry smelling great even after two weeks.
Regular washer and HE compatible.
You know that thing you would never do when you’re really happy, because that’s too over-the-top? Sorry, but when you smell Gain Original, you’re gonna do that thing.
If you like this, try Ultra Gain Fabric Softener for a better value.
Ultra vs. non-concentrate loads per ounce for medium load.
?As measured for small load.
Country of Origin: United States.
Bottle made from 25% or more post-consumer recycled plastic.
Call: 1-800-888-4246.
©2013 P&G.


Biodegradable Fabric Softening Agents (Cationic).


Liquid fabric softener can increase fabric flammability. Using more than recommended can increase this effect. Do not use this product: On children's sleepwear or garments labeled as flame resistant as it may reduce flame resistance. On garments made of fluffier fabrics (such as fleece, velour, chenille, and terry cloth). Note: Do not dilute with water and store. Do not refill bottle with other liquids or beverages.



Package Data

Length: 5.83 IN
Height: 11.91 IN
Width: 3.99 IN
Weight: 4.42 LB
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: JUG
Package Size: 64.0 FL OZ