Kingsford Smoking Chips Premium Blend, Bag

1.0 CT BAG



15 Minutes before grilling, soak two handfuls of smoking chips in water. Charcoal Grills: Remove grilling grate. Stack charcoal in pyramid and ignite. When the charcoal is ashed over, drain Kingsford® smoking chips and scatter over hot coals. Chips will begin to smoke immediately and will last for approx. 15 Min. Replace grilling grate and start cooking. Gas & Electric Grills: Drain Kingsford® smoking chips and loosely wrap in aluminum foil (leaving the ends open for ventilation). Remove grilling grate. Place foil directly on heat source and replace grilling grate. When chips begin to smoke (approx. 7-10 min.) you are ready to cook. Grilling Suggestions: Keep grill lid closed to capture the full flavor. Add more wood chips as desired, or for long-cooking foods. For best results, use with Kingsford® charcoal. Recommended Pairings: Mesquite: Traditional, strong, spicy - Beef, chicken, ribs, pork, turkey, veggies. Hickory: Popular, hearty, strong - Beef, chicken, ribs, pork, lamb, turkey, veggies. Apple: Strong, sweet, fruity - Chicken, ribs, pork, fish, lamb, turkey, veggies. Cherry: Delicate, sweet, fruit - Chicken, ribs, pork, fish, lamb, turkey, veggies. Premium Blend Apple, Hickory, Oak: Perfect blend of sweet & bold smoke - Beef, chicken, ribs, pork, fish, lamb, turkey, veggies.


Marketing Description

Kingsford® Smoking Chips Premium Blend, Bag.
100% Natural.
Apple. Hickory. Oak.
Perfect blend of sweet & bold smoke.
Great With: Beef. Pork. Ribs. Lamb. Chicken. Fish. Turkey. Veggies.
179 cu. in. (1.93 dm3).

Other Description

All Kingsford® Smoking Chips deliver an authentic, rich smokehouse flavor to all your favorite grilled meats, fish & vegetables.
Our wood is heat treated to eliminate pests and prevent mold.
Permit No.s TDA-294, TDA-295, & TDA-299.
The Kingsford trademark and logo are registered trademarks of The Kingsford Products Company, LLC and are used under license by Barbeque Wood Flavors.
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Caution: This is a natural product and can throw off sparks. Use only in a safe place. For outdoor use only. Never berbeque in an enclosed area. Carbon monoxide can accumulate and be hazardous to your health. Keep away from children and pets. Never add lighter fluid to hot coals. Open vents to ensure proper ventilation (control heat by adjusting vents). Allow coals to burn out completely and let the ashes cool before disposing of them. This product contains wood dust. Inhalation of wood dust is known to the State of California to cause cancer. Burning wood results in emissions that can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide, smoke, and other combustion by-products, which are know to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and/or other adverse health effects. For more information go to




Package Data

Length: 3.07 IN
Height: 11.68 IN
Width: 7.41 IN
Weight: 1.89 LB
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BAG
Package Size: 1.0 CT