Suavitel Field Flowers Fabric Conditioner Sheets - 80 CT

80.0 CT BOX



Instructions: Place a Suavitel® sheet on top of wet laundry in the dryer at the beginning of the drying cycle. Discard after the drying is done. For best results: Use a new sheet with each load. For large loads, add two sheets. Use low heat setting for synthetic fibers. If spotting occurs, wet fabric and rub with mild white bar soap and rinse. Do not overfill dryer. Try adding Suavitel® dryer sheets to: Drawers. Diaper pails. Cars. Closets. Suitcases. Gym bags.


Marketing Description

Suavitel® Field Flowers® Fabric Conditioner Sheets.
Same irresistible, long lasting fragrance.
Soft As A Mother's Love®.
80 sheets.

Other Description

Easy Ironing™.
Protects fabric.
Helps control static cling.
Leaves your clothes soft with a fresh scent.
In USA or Puerto Rico call toll free: 1-800-443-0602.
Questions/comments? 01-800-001-1400.


Polyester Sheets with Softening Agents and Fragrance.


Caution: keep out of reach of children. Attention: Suavitel® is not for use on garments labeled as flame resistant as it may reduce flame resistance.


Colgate Palmolive Co
New York, NY 10022



Package Data

Length: 2.42 IN
Height: 7.06 IN
Width: 4.29 IN
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BOX
Package Size: 80.0 CT