Oral-B Super Floss Pre-Cut Strands Mint 50 Count

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Bridges, Braces, Implants and Wide Spaces: Using the stiffened end, thread the spongy-floss between teeth and appliance or through wide spaces. Use a soft back-and-forth motion to remove bacterial plaque. Pull the spongy-floss through to the regular floss section. Gently slide the regular floss under the gumline. Use and up-and-down motion to remove plaque. Regular Teeth: Gently slide regular floss between teeth and under the gumline. Clean under the gumline as directed above. Use a fresh section of floss for every tooth.


Marketing Description

Oral-B Super Floss is ideal for cleaning braces, bridges and wide gaps between teeth. Its three unique components?a stiffened-end dental floss threader, spongy floss and regular floss?all work together for maximum benefits.

Other Description

Spongy-floss to clean around appliances and in wide spaces. Regular floss to remove plaque under gumline. Stiffened end to floss under appliances.



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