Johnson & Johnson First Aid Heavy Duty Secure-Flex Wrap 2 Inches




For best results: Cover wound with sterile dressing. Wrap Secure-Flex™ over dressing, overlapping layers to secure dressing in place. Gently squeeze wrap to create a molded shape. Avoid wrapping too tightly, which can hinder circulation.


Marketing Description

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Heavy-Duty Secure-Flex™ 2 In. Wrap.
Now latex-free.
Sticks to itself, not to skin.
Durable & flexible, even on joints - water resistant.
Red Cross® brand.

Other Description

Red Cross® brand Secure-Flex™ wrap is:
Durable & flexible, even on joints.
It won't limit your movement while firmly fastening wound dressings. That's because it's made with a flexible, elastic fabric that is engineered to adhere to itself, and not to your skin. So it stays in place, without slipping, even on joints.
Painless to remove.
Unlike ordinary tapes, Red Cross® Secure-Flex™ wrap can be removed painlessly, even from hair.
Lightweight & flexible.
Water resistant.
Torn by hand.
The red cross design and words are registered trademarks of Johnson & Johnson. Products bearing these trademarks have no connection with The American National Red Cross.
Durable & flexible, even on joints.
Water resistant.
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For medical emergencies seek professional help. In case of deep or puncture wounds, or serious burns, consult a physician.



Package Data

Length: 2.677 IN
Height: 5.858 IN
Width: 4.016 IN
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: PACKAGE
Package Size: 2.5 YARDS
Net Weight: 2.5 YARDS