Stanley LampMaster Twin 2 Outlet 24hr Mechanical Pin Timer




Instructions: 1. Locate an electrical outlet that is close to the device you want to control. 2. Put the "ON/timer" switch located next to the dial to the "timer" position and plug the timer into the outlet. 3. Set the current time-turning clockwise align the arrowhead (see diagram) on the face of the timer to the present time (lines under numbers are in increments of 30 minutes). There is no need to touch the pins to set current time. Note: dial is based on AM/PM. 4. The grey timer pins on the outside of the dial control the timer's ON times and OFF times. The timer pins are factory preset in the pushed down position, which means connected devices would be ON. If the pins are pulled up, connected devices during those times would be OFF. Determine your desired start time and push down all pins until desired off time. For example: to turn the timer ON at 5pm and off at 10pm, push down all the pins between 5pm and 10pm. You can set multiple ON and OFF times. You could set the timer to turn on outdoor lights at 5pm, off at 10pm, on again at 5am, off again at 8AM, etc. 5. Plug your electrical device directly into the timer. The electrical device must be on for the timer control to work properly. You may override operation of the timer by setting the "ON/ timer" switch (located on the front) to ON (top position). Be sure to set switch back to the timer (bottom position) for proper timer function. In case of power failure, reset the time of day as indicated in step 3 above. Limitations of timing devices: Timing devices require power to function properly. If AC power to the timer is cut off, a light or other device plugged into the timer will not work. Notes: The unit you are plugging into the timer has to be ON. Make sure AM and PM are correct on the current time and in the program settings. This device is not a surge protector. Timer pins are factory preset in the "pushed down" ('ON') position. Pull pins up for timers 'OFF' intervals. Save these instructions!


Marketing Description

Stanley® Lamp Master™ Twin 2-Outlet 24hr Mechanical Pin Timer.
Turns lamps, appliances and other electrical devices on/off automatically.
2 polarized outlets.
Daily. CFL.
Quality products for a safe holiday.

Other Description

3 year limited guaranteed.
Two polarized outlets.
Program repeats every 24 hours.
Multiple on/off settings possible over a 24-hour period.
Set in 30 minute intervals.
48 pin setting dial.
Slide pin construction prevents lost pins.
Manual override switch.
ETL approved for CFL bulbs.
Heavy-duty 15 amp power load.
Complete instructions inside.
125VAC/60Hz/15A/1875W resistive 10A/1250W tungsten.
500VA electronic ballast.
1/2HP motor load.
Stanley and the Stanley logo are registered trademarks of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., or one of its affiliates, and are used under license.
Three year limited warranty:
If within the first year from date of purchase, this unit fails due to a defect, exchange where purchased, or ship it prepaid with proof of purchase to The NCC, 140 58th Street, P.O. Box 67, Brooklyn, New York 11220. Units that fail to operate during the second or third year from date of purchase must be shipped prepaid with proof of purchase to The NCC. We will replace unit. This guarantee excludes normal wear and tear and damage resulting from accident, alteration, or misuse. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Customer service assistance:
Toll free 1-800-730-3707.
Hours of Operation: 10AM to 6PM, EST, Monday - Friday.
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Do not plug this timer into an extension cord or other electrical adapter. Plug directly into an electrical outlet. Do not connect this timer to appliances that contain heating elements (cooking appliances, heaters, irons, etc.). Failure of the timer to shut off such devices may lead to overheating and a potential fire. Do not plug in this timer if it is wet. Do not clean this timer when it is plugged in. Do not exceed the maximum ratings of the timer. Potential shock hazard: keep out of reach of children.


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Package Data

Length: 2.227 IN
Height: 6.962 IN
Width: 4.641 IN
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: PACKET
Package Size: 1.0 CT