Farberware Professional Digital Instant-Read Thermometer




Instructions for use: 1. Insert thermometer into thickest part of meat or poultry so that tip is slightly past center but not in contact with bone or gristle. 2. Press red button once (no need to hold); display will turn on. 3. Insert stem at least 1 inch into meat or poultry. 4. Remove thermometer, and return meat or poultry to oven until desired temperature is reached (see chart below). Cleaning and care: This thermometer is constructed of stainless steel and plastic. It will not corrode or break under normal use and care. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Grease or other hard-to-remove soil can be removed with a scouring pad. USDA/food safety and inspection service temperature rules. Ground meat & meat mixtures. Beef, pork, veal, lamb. 160 degrees F: 71.1 degrees C. Turkey, chicken: 165 degrees F: 73.9 degrees C. Fresh beef, veal, lamb. Medium rare: 145 degrees F: 62.8 degrees C. Medium: 160 degrees F: 71.1 degrees C. Well done: 170 degrees F: 76.7 degrees C. Poultry. Chicken (whole): 180 degrees F: 82.2 degrees C. Turkey (whole): 180 degrees F: 82.2 degrees C. Poultry breasts or roasts: 170 degrees F: 76.7 degrees C. Poultry thighs or wings: 180 degrees F: 82.2 degrees C. Duck, goose: 180 degrees F: 82.2 degrees C. Stuffing (cooked alone or in bird): 165 degrees F: 73.9 degrees C. Fresh pork. Medium: 160 degrees F: 71.1 degrees C. Well done: 170 degrees F: 76.7 degrees C. Ham. Fresh (from raw): 160 degrees F: 71.1 degrees C. Precooked (to reheat): 140 degrees F: 60degrees C. Egg dishes: 160 degrees F: 71.1 degrees C.


Marketing Description

Farberware® Professional Digital Instant-Read Thermometer.
100 years of excellence.
Great for testing the internal temperature of hamburgers, meat and poultry.
Rapid response.
Stainless steel stem.
Includes protective stem cover.
Auto power off.
174.5 F.
Push to activate.
Lifetime limited warranty.

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Lifetime limited warranty:
This fine product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Any piece found to be defective under normal use and care will be repaired or replaced at no charge with the same item or an item of equal or better value. Individual pieces should be returned postage prepaid to: Farberware Products, c/o Lifetime Brands, Inc., Customer Service Department, P.O. Box 9750, Trenton, NJ 08650-1750. You may have other rights, which vary from state to state. Residents of the state of California please call 1-800-252-3390 for further instructions.
Farberware®is a registered trademark of Farberware Licensing Company, LLC.
Manufactured and sold pursuant to a license from Farberware Licensing Company, LLC.
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Caution: Do not leave the instant-read thermometer in meat or poultry. If more cooking time is needed, be sure to remove the thermometer before placing meat or poultry back into oven. Check doneness again at desired intervals. Thermometers may become hot while in oven. Exercise caution when removing thermometer from meat or poultry. Use only heat-resistant oven mitts or pot holders when touching a hot thermometer. Do not lay the thermometer on a cold or a wet surface.



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