For rich chocolate desserts, try Hershey's® cocoa in recipes calling for baking chocolate. Hershey's® Special Dark® cocoa is perfect to use in any recipe that calls for dutch processed cocoa and can also be substituted in recipes calling for unsweetened cocoa or baking chocolate. 3 level tablespoons of cocoa + 1 tablespoon shortening or oil = 1 ounce unsweetened baking chocolate. 1 level tablespoon of cocoa + 2 teaspoons shortening + 3 1/2 teaspoons sugar = 1 ounce semi-sweet baking chocolate.


Marketing Description

Hershey's® Special Dark® Cocoa.

Since 1894.

100% cacao.

Blend of natural and dutched cocoas.

Other Description

Natural source of flavanol antioxidants.

The natural antioxidants found in tea and certain fruits can also be found in Hershey's® cocoa. Enjoy in moderation as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. One serving (5g) contains 10 calories and 0.5g of fat.

Hershey's® Special Dark® cocoa is specially blended to deliver darker color and richer flavor for more sophisticated desserts. However, dutch processed cocoas are typically lower in antioxidant content than natural cocoas, and as a result, Hershey's® Special Dark® cocoa provides fewer antioxidants than Hershey's® natural unsweetened cocoa.

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Gluten free.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1

Servings per Container: 45

Number Of Servings 45 []
Serving Sizes []
Energy 10 []
Total Fat 0.5 ["g"]
Saturated Fat 0 ["g"]
Trans Fat 0 ["g"]
Cholesterol 0 ["mg"]
Sodium 55 ["mg"]
Carbohydrates 3 ["g"]
Dietary Fiber 1 ["g"]
Sugars 0 ["g"]
Protein <1 ["g"]
Daily Percent Of Vitamin A 0 []
Daily Percent Of Vitamin C 0 []
Daily Percent Of Calcium 0 []
Daily Percent Of Iron 10 []


Cocoa; Cocoa processed with Alkali.


The Hershey Company
Hershey, PA 17033-0815, U.S.A.



Package Data

Length: 3.111 IN
Height: 4.24 IN
Width: 4.025 IN
Weight: 0.595 LB
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: CONTAINER
Package Size: 8.0 OZ
Net Weight: 8.0 OZ