Hartz Home Protection Ultra Training Pads for Dogs and Puppies - 21x21



For effective house breaking: 1. Unfold and place pad, green plastic side down, in a confined area. 2. Place your dog on the pad several times so he can smell the pad and get used to it. Keep in mind that a puppy must relieve itself every few hours on average based on his age (a 2 month old puppy every 2 hours, 3 month old every 3 hours etc...). 3. If your dog relieves itself somewhere else, bring him back to the pad immediately. Continue bringing your dog back to the pad to reinforce that this is the place to soil. 4. While your dog is eliminating on the pad, use phrases like "go potty" so that eventually you can use the command and your dog will understand what it means. 5. When the dog relieves himself on the pad, praise him lavishly and reward him with a treat. Treating will ensure training success. It is the only way your dog will understand that he is doing what you want him to do. 6. Dispose of soiled pads and replace as needed. 7. Once your pet has learned to relieve himself on the pad, gradually begin moving the pad closer to the door and finally outdoors to complete the training process. Follow the housebreaking instructions, steps 1-6 to train your dog for ongoing indoor use.



Hartz?? Home Protection Ultra??? Training Pads. 200% more absorbent*. Dry paw guarantee???. Anti-bacterial eliminates odor causing bacteria. Baking soda to absorb & neutralize odors. 12 hour protection for dogs up to 85lbs. Built-in attractant. 50 pads (21" x 21") for dogs and puppies. *Than Hartz training Academy?? training pads. ???Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Other Description

Absorbs 200% more* per square inch. Contains liquid to small area. Allows multiple uses. Ensures dry paws. Prevents run-off. Tear resistant top sheet. Ultra Flash-Dry??? technology. Absorbs quickly to prevent tracking and leaking. Tissue & adhesive for strength & durability. Leak proof plastic liner. 6-layer construction. *Than Hartz Training Academy?? training pads. Hartz?? offers a complete line of Home Protection??? solutions. For more additional uses, training tips and other training products, visit us at hartztrainingacademy.com or call our experts at 1-800-275-1414. Hartz?? Home Protection Ultra??? training pads are ideal for puppies and dogs that stay indoors for long periods of time. Did you know? An 85lb dog can eliminate on average 2 1/2 cups of urine in a 12 hour period. Smaller dogs will urinate less. Hartz?? home protection Ultra??? training pads are made to provide 12 hours of protection for dogs up to 85lbs. If your dog weighs more than 85lbs use more than one pad, or change it more frequently. Hartz?? Home Protection Ultra??? training pads are also ideal for: Lining crates and carriers. Drying wet paws and fur. Protecting car seats. Protecting your home if your dog is incontinent. Better, less, cleaner. Product, packaging, earth. We have redesigned our packaging to use less plastic which is easier on the environment. Hartz?? and other trademarks are trademark of the Hartz Mountain Corporation. This product contains an antimicrobial to protect the pad by controlling bacterial odors.