Healthy Pet Critter Care Paper Bedding Confetti



Place one to three inches of Critter Care® Confetti™ pet bedding in your pet's cage or habitat depending on the number and type of pets housed. Change bedding weekly or as needed. Remove damp spots or soiled areas between changes and replace with fresh bedding. As with any substrate, there is a potential risk of impaction if your pet ingests a sufficient amount of bedding. Observe your pet and seek veterinary care if you suspect impaction of the GI tract.



Healthy Pet® Critter Care® Paper Bedding Confetti™. New look! Same great performance. Active. Happy. Natural. For rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, mouse, rat, ferret, reptile or bird. Absorbs 3x its weight. Long lasting odor control. Expands to 2x its volume. Earth friendly.

Other Description

Absorbs 3x its weight: Made from long-fiber cellulose that quickly absorb liquids such as pet urine or leaky water bottles, keeping pets safe, dry and clean. Long lasting odor control: Our proprietary formula suppresses ammonia odor caused by pet urine, keeping habitats odor-free for days. Expands nearly 2x its volume: Compact design quickly expands when removed from package so less bedding is needed for each use and less space is needed for storage.