Great Lakes Brewing Co. Variety Pack - 12 PK



Keep refrigerated to retain freshest flavor.



Great Lakes® Brewing Co. Variety Pack. 3 Dortmunder Gold Lager. 3 Eliot Ness, Amber Lager. 3 Burning River, Pale Ale. 3 Edmund Fitzgerald, Porter. 12 twelve oz bottles.

Other Description

We know it's hard to choose just one of our award-winning, handcrafted beers - trust us, we've tried. Hence this collection of hoppy, malty crowd pleasers. See? You really can have it all. Brewed in Cleveland, OH. Dortmunder gold lager: Recommended glassware: Dortmunder gold lager pairs well with salads, fish, chicken, and pretty much any social function. Eliot ness amber lager: Recommended glassware: Eliot ness amber lager pairs well with smoked meats, hearty breads, and a classy fedora. Burning river pale ale: Recommended glassware: Burning river pale ale pairs well with smoky red meats, aromatic cheeses, and a reusable glass. Edmund fitzgerald porter: Recommended glassware: Edmund fitzgerald porter pairs well with oysters, chocolate, and heartfelt balladry. Great Lakes Brewing Co. is an environmentally and socially conscious craft brewery from Cleveland, Ohio. Visit our historic brewpub and see for yourself! Please recycle. It's kind of our-thing. Great Lakes® Brewing Co., GLBC™, Dortmunder Gold®, Eliot Ness®, Burning River®, Edmund Fitzgerald®, and all associated artwork and logos are trademarks of Great Lakes Brewing Company.