UZO1 Salad and Appetizers On-Ice Bowl with Dome Lid

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Directions: Just fill the built-in ice chamber below the main bowl with cubed or crushed ice and cover with the removable vented grate. The coldness from the ice will pass through to keep the contents of bowl, whether it be a delicious salad or a variety of tasty appetizers, chilled and fresh for hours. Place the dome lid on top of bowl to help keep the cold air in and the bugs out. Your on-ice cold bowl may be used both with and without ice to serve a number of different foods... Salads... use with ice in the ice chamber and the vented grate in place, but without the divided appetizer insert, for all kinds of salads, whether it be green salad, fruit salad, potato salad, pasta salad, etc. Hook the 2 salad servers onto rim of bowl for your guests to serve themselves. Appetizers... with ice below and the vented grate in place, position the divided appetizer insert with dip cup into the bowl, resting it on top of the vented grate. Fill the 4 divided sections with your favorite appetizers, such as fruit, veggies, shrimp or other seafood, etc. Chip 'n dip... the main bowl with divided appetizer insert in place can also be used without ice as a big chip 'n-dip bowl, allowing you to serve up to 4 different types of chips or crackers plus plenty of dip. Cleaning: Made from break resistant acrylic, your on-ice cold bowl is top rack dishwasher safe. Hand washing in warm soapy water, however, is recommended.



Salad and Appetizers On-Ice Bowl with Dome Lid. Keeps salads, fruit, appetizers and more chilled and fresh throughout the party. Dome lid keeps cold air in and bugs out. Divided appetizer insert with dip cup. Removable vented grate rests on bottom of main bowl above ice chamber. Main bowl with built-in ice chamber below. Pair of salad serves conveniently hook onto bowl's rim. (Over for directions and use).