Kaleidoscope Foil Balloon 18" Congratulations Festive



Kaleidoscope Brands 18"/46cm Congratulations Foil Balloon. Conver USA. Congratulations. converusa.com.

Other Description

Please keep this information for future reference. 1 helium balloon. 18" 45.7cm printed 2 sides. Inks used on this balloon conform to government standards that relate to children's toys. Kaleidoscope by Converusa. Toll free phone number 1-866- 898-1811. Visit us at: www.converusa.com.


Helpful information.
Cold air can cause the balloon to appear deflated. Exposure to warm air will restore proper inflation.
Do not expose balloon to extreme heat as it may cause balloon to burst.
Metallic balloons may conduct electricity. Do not release outdoors. Do not use near overhead power lines.
Inflate the balloon with helium.