Farberware Classic Digital Timer



Operating instructions: This timer has four digits - two for hours and two for minutes. It can be programmed up to a maximum of 19 hours and 59 minutes, and it counts down at 1 minute resolution. 1. To set countdown time: Press "hour" button to set desired hours. Press "min" button to set desired minutes. 2. To start countdown: Press "start/stop" button once to start timer. Timer will continue counting down until time is up. 3. To reset timer: hold "hour" and "min" button simultaneously to reset timer any time you decide to cease current operation. You may leave it for later use. 4. When buzzer goes on: Hold "hour" and "min" buttons simultaneously to stop buzzer ringing, and timer will reset to zero for next input. Press "start/stop" button to stop buzzer ringing. Timer will show overtime. For model with auto repeat feature: press "Start/Stop" button once to stop buzzer ringing. Timer will automatically repeat countdown from previous time set. 5. To use timer to count up: reset timer, and the display will show zero digits. Then press "start/stop" button to start counting up. Press "start/stop" button once to stop counting temporarily. Press "start/Stop" again to resume counting. Timer will count up to a maximum of 20 minutes in 1-second resolution. Battery replacement: Use a coin to open battery cover, following direction of the arrow marked. Remove exhausted battery and insert a new button cell battery (make sure positive pole "+" is facing upright). Replace battery cover. You may use any of the following batteries: AG13, LR44, A76 or equivalent.



Farberware® Classic Digital Timer. 100 years of excellence. Built-in removable stand and magnet. Includes battery. Hour, Reset. Min. Start/Stop. Lifetime warranty limited.

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