D-Con Mouse Trap Ultra Set Covered Snap Trap



Directions for use: Easy to bait, to set lever and to empty -making the reusable D-Con® Ultra Set® covered mouse trap the easier snap trap. The unique design also reduces the chances of accidentally coming in contact with the dead mouse. Step 1: Lift front cover and place a small amount of bait in the round bait cup inside the trap. Do not over bait. Close cover. Note: an amount of peanut butter the size of a large pea (1/8 teaspoon) is recommended as bait. For the trap to work properly, it is important to place bait only inside the cup and avoid the surrounding parts. Step 2: Place trap on a flat surface and slowly pull the lever all the way down and gently release until it locks securely in place. For best results, place two or more D-Con® Ultra Set® covered mouse traps 4 to 6 feet apart where you see or suspect mice run. Step 3: To dispose of the mouse, hold the trap over a trash receptacle. Lift the front cover and pull back on the setting lever until mouse is released. Trap is reusable or can be disposed of together with the mouse.



D-Con® Mouse Traps Ultra Set® Covered Snap Trap. Kills mice. Guaranteed* to kill. Our most effective trap. Reusable. Easy to use. Contains one covered mouse trap.

Other Description

Powerful snapping action. *Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Call 1-800-228-4722 for details. Questions? 1-800-228-4722. For ingredients information, www.rbnainfo.com. ©2016 RB.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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