sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Fast-Clumping Cat Litter



1. Fill a clean litter box with 3 inches of litter. For multiple cats or (ahem) "big-bonded" cats, use more. 2. Scoop twice daily. 3. Refill to maintain a 3 inch lever of litter goodness. Switching your cat to sWheat Scoop® in 2 easy steps. Let's ease into this together: 1. Fill your empty litter box with 3 inches of sWheat Scoop®, and pour 1 inch of your current brand on top. (it's okay if your cat mixes the litter. sWheat Scoop® plays nice with others). 2. Repeat this process when you change the litter, but only add a half-inch of the other brand. Now wasn't that easy?



sWheat Scoop® Multi-Cat Natural Fast-Clumping Cat Litter. Better for cats, people and the planet. Clay-free. Chemical-free. Stops odor instantly. Biodegradable.

Other Description

No chemicals, no clay, no worries. sWheat Scoop's natural wheat enzymes neutralize odor on contact, and its wheat starches clump firmly for easy scooping. Add that it's biodegradable, chemical-free and clay-free, and you've got yourself the litter dreams are made of. Clumps fast. Don't blink. Stops odors. Smell that? Neither do we. Chemical-free. No ick to make us sick. biodegradable. Now you see it, now you don't. Why wheat works. sWheat Scoop® contains natural wheat enzymes that kill litter box odors with a kung fu kick. And our army of enzymes works 24/7 so you can breath easy night and day. But that's not all. Natural wheat starches clump into lumps and are easy to dump. (Say that twice). You might just have to take to cleaning the litter box off the chore list. 100% Happiness Guarantee. No planet was harmed in the making of this product. We want you and your cat to be happy. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us at the number or web address below. Questions? Enthusiastic Compliments? Call us at 1-800-SWHEATSCOOP.com For more information about the wonders of wheat, visit swheatscoop.com. ©2015 'sWheat Scoop" is a registered trademark of Pet Care Systems.


California residents and toxoplasmosis information:
California Residents - According to CA Law AB 2485, encouraging your cat to use an indoor litter box, or properly disposing of outdoor cat feces, is beneficial to overall water quality. Please do not flush cat litter down toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains.
As with any litter, veterinarians recommend changing the litter box completely at least once a month. Entire contents should be disposed of in the trash, not the toilet.
As you would with any litter, always wash hands thoroughly after scooping or litter box cleaning. Because cat feces can transmit parasites that cause toxoplasmosis, pregnant women and people with suppressed immune systems should avoid litter box maintenance.