Reynolds Wrappers Pre-Cut Pop-Up Foil Sheets - 50 CT



Food on the go: Doubles as a placemat for a clean eating surface anywhere. Wrap bagels muffins' and toaster snacks. Keeps them warm too. Holds sandwiches together better than plastic sandwich bags. So there's less slipping, less sliding, less mess. Wrap cut fruits and vegetables to pack a healthy snack. Quick prep: Use as a counter protector when making sandwiches adding spice rubs to meats, making snacks or spreading toppings on bagels or toast. Perfect size for lining a toaster oven tray for easy cleanup. Wrap potatoes com-on-the-cob, apples, or squash to grill or bake. Refrigerator tips: Perfect size for wrapping leftover pizza slices. For crisp crust, open and reheat on foil sheet in conventional oven. Wrap cheese, lunch meat, fruits, vegetables, and leftovers to keep them moist and fresh. Cover containers that have no lids or lost lids. Wrap leftover onion half to prevent odors in refrigerator.



Reynolds® Wrappers™ Pre-Cut Pop-Up Foil Sheets. Great for: Food on the go. Leftovers. And so much more! 50 foil sheets. 14 in x 10 1/4 in (35.5 cm x 26.0 cm). It's easy! No cutting. No tearing.

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