Safety 1st Childproofing Kit Essentials - 46 CT



Safety 1st® Essentials Childproofing Kit. Contents: 4 grip 'n twist door knob covers. 12 wide grip latches. 30 secure press plug protectors. 46 pieces.

Other Description

Secure press plug protectors: Great for every room in the home, our secure press plug protectors fit into unused outlets to help protect little ones from electrical shocks. They have child-resistant rounded edges and are easy to use. Grip 'n twist door knob covers: Great for bedrooms and bathrooms, our grip 'n twist door knob covers fit over standard door knobs to help keep children out of rooms that are off-limits. They have grip holes for parent-only access. Wide grip latches: Great for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and the family room, our wide grip latches help keep cabinets and drawers closed to curious children. They are easy for parents to use and install. Note: latch may be difficult to access if used on a top drawer that has a counter top with a 1" overhang. If latch is difficult to access, insert a rounded object to depress latch. Register for our eNewsletter and watch our experts on safety 1st TV. Dorel. Styles and colors may vary. Look for other Safety 1st products under these categories: Infant care. Electrical safety. General household. Locks & latches. Travel aids. (800) 544-1108. ©2010 Dorel Juvenile Group. All rights reserved.


Caution: keep small parts away from children during assembly. These products are only deterrents. They are not a substitute for proper adult supervision. Discontinue use when child becomes old enough to defeat them.
Note: toxic and dangerous substances, as well as sharp-edged or pointed objects should always be stored in a place inaccessible to children.
Note: for best product performance, ensure that your wall outlet and face plate are installed correctly and are flush with each other. If the wall outlet and face plate are not flush, gaps may then form between the face plate and the plug protector, potentially making it easier for a child to defeat the device.
Adult assembly required.
Tool needed: Phillips Head Screwdriver.
Warning: risk of fire or electric shock. If the closure falls out of or fits loosely in the receptacle, the receptacle contacts may be worn or broken. To reduce the risk of fire or injury caused by overheating, arcing or exposure of live plug blades, do not use receptacle until it has been examined by a licensed electricianto determine whether the outlet needs to be replaced.
Warning: risk of electric shock. This device is intended to make it difficult for children to gain access to energized outlets. Like any other child-resistant product, this device is not a substitute for adult supervision. An unsupervised child may be able to defeat this product. As with all electrical products, precautions should be observed during handling and use to prevent electrical shock. Discourage children from playing with electrical equipment.


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