D-Con Quick Kill Glue Trap Kills Mice - 2 CT



Usage directions. Step 1. Take the trap out of the box. Step 2. Hold the trap horizontally with your left hand with the curved back of the trap facing you. Step 3. On the curved back of the trap, find the trigger lever in the bottom "unset" position. Step 4. To set the trap, pull the lever upwards with the thumb of your hand until the lever locks in the top "set" position. *Based on the combined action of the glue and the snap mechanism. Directions for use: Place trap in heavy traffic mice area. Set trap according to usage directions. Properly dispose of trap. Glue trap contains a layer of glue to catch mice. Use the handle for safe and easy disposal. The stuck mouse triggers the top bar to snap down, quickly killing the mouse.



d-Con® Quick Kill™ Glue Trap Kills Mice. Solves mouse problems fast. Can kill instantly*. Contains 2 traps. New.

Other Description

Catches like a glue trap. Kills quickly. No need to bait. No contact with mice. Guaranteed to kill+. D-Con® quick kill™ glue trap combines the effectiveness of conventional snap and glue traps. It not only catches mice just like regular glue traps, but it also kills mice quickly. The D-Con® quick kill™ glue trap is perfect for those who don't like the tricky setting mechanisms of regular snap traps that can snap your fingers, nor the unpleasantness of a mouse being stuck squealing for hours. D-Con® quick kill™ glue trap contains a layer of glue to catch mice as they run across. The stuck mouse then triggers the top bar to snap down, quickly killing the mouse and confining the mess to the glue tray. The added handle on top makes disposal safer and easier. +Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Go to www.d-conproducts.com for details. Questions? 1-800-228-4722. www.d-conproducts.com. ©RBI 2008.


Keep out of reach of children or pets.
Caution: do not place traps where children or pets will come in contact with the adhesive.
In case of accidental contact with the adhesive, clean off with mineral spirits or other appropriate cleaner.


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