First Alert Smoke & Fire Alarm 10-Year Life



For maximum protection: Use both types of smoke alarms in every bedroom and on every level of your home.



First Alert® Smoke & Fire Alarm 10-Year Life. Smoke & fire alarm. Photoelectric sensor less nuisance alarms. 10-yr: no battery replacements. For life of the alarm. 1/2 the size of the standard alarm. 10 year limited warranty†. Lithium powecell.

Other Description

PR7-10 features: 10-year lithium powewrcell. No costly battery replacement for the 10-year life of the alarm. Easy install. Mount on wall or ceiling with easy twist/lock mounting bracket. Tamperproof, sealed alarm design. Constant protection since battery cannot be removed. Meets code for sealed/tamperproof alarms - ideal for rental properties. End of life warning. Notifies when alarm needs replacing. Photoelectric smoke sensor. Power LED and alarm indicator. Loud 85dB alarm. 10-year limited warranty. More alarms = more protection. Recommended placement. Smoke & fire alarm. Carbon monoxide alarm. Fire extinguisher. New slim design, same premium protection. Smoke particles of varying number and size are produced in all fires. Ionization sensors: Ionization technology is generally more sensitive than photoelectric technology at detecting small particles, which tend to be produced in greater amounts by flaming fires, which consume combustible materials rapidly and spread quickly. Sources of these fires may include paper burning in a wastebasket or a grease fire in the kitchen. Photoelectric sensors: Photoelectric technology is generally more sensitive than ionization technology at detecting large particles, which tend to be produced in greater amounts by smoldering fires, which may smolder for hours before bursting into flame. Sources of these fires may include cigarettes burning on couches or bedding. Due to continuing product development, the product inside the packaging may look slightly different than the one on the package. 10 year limited warranty. BRK Brands, Inc. is a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH). Conforms to UL Std 217. ETL™ listed US. Intertek. First Alert® is a registered trademark of the First Alert Trust. ©2015 BRK Brands, Inc. All rights reserved.


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