Pet Select Vita-Greens Bowl



Directions: 1. Take Vita-Greens® packaging lid off of grass container and remove contents. 2. Rotate locking pins outward on Vita-Greens® plastic bowl and place grass container into bowl. Rotate locking pins inward to lock grass container into plastic bowl. 3. Follow these steps to start growing grass: empty the grass seeds into the container. Empty all of the soil into the container and cover seeds. Add one to two ounces of water. 4. Place Vita-Greens® plastic bowl and grass in a bright and sunny area, keep soil moist for seeds to germinate within a week. 5. Water everyday as needed. 6. Once your Vita-Greens® grass is one inch or taller, your kitten or cat can enjoy the great taste of Vita-Greens® grass. 7. When the Vita-Greens® grass is finished, please look for the replacement (2) pack of Vita-Greens® grass #91661 at your local retailer.



Pet Select® Vita - Greens® Bowl. Just add water! Bowl - keeps grass stationary. Grass - helps with hairballs & digestion sprouts in days. Item#91662.

Other Description

Pure seed: Barley (variety not stated) - 39.66% - germination - 91%. Oats (variety not stated) - 39.66% - germination - 75%. Wheat (variety not stated) - 19.83% - germination - 91%. Other crop seed - 0.56%. Inert matter - 0.28%. Weed seed - 0.01%. Noxious weed - none. Contents: (1) Seed packet - 7g. (1) Plant medium - 18g. Net weight - 7 grams. Lead-free paint. Tested Dec. '09 lot 36.