Scotch-Brite Copper Heavy Duty Scouring Pads - 2CT



Scotch-Brite Copper Heavy Duty Scouring Pads. 3M. 2 pads - irregular shape. Ideal for copper and aluminum surfaces.

Other Description

Ideal for: copper, aluminum, grills, broiler pans. Specially designed, long-lasting copper edges: Cuts through & removes tough soil & burnt-on food fast! Won't rust or shred. Easy to rinse out. 3M and Scotch-Brite are trademarks of 3M. Questions? Comments? Monday-Friday 8am-4pm CST Call 1-800-846-8887 or visit our website at 3M Home Care Division. 3M center. Manufactured for 3M. 3M 2007.


Caution: This is a highly effective scouring tool. Use wet. Test in an inconspicuous area, with pressure you desire, to determine whether surface may scratch. Rinse thoroughly before and after each use.
Not for aquarium use.