Sea-Bond Dental Bath



Easy to use: 1. Put cleanser and dental device into basket and lower into dental bath. 2. Add enough very warm (not hot) water to cover device. Close lid firmly. 3. After soaking, lift up basket and lock on ridge inside bath hinge. See illustration on top. 4. Rinse dental device under warm, running water. You may leave dentures, guards or retainers in basket while rinsing. 5. Rinse out and dry dental bath and basket. Replace basket into bath and close lid to store. 6. Top rack dishwasher safe.



Sea-Bond® Dental Bath. Easy care for dental devices: Dentures. Retainers. Mouth guards.

Other Description

Easy-lift drain-lock basket. Leak-proof lid. Durable antibacterial plastic. Perfect for daily cleaning, disinfecting and overnight soaking. Easy-lift basket keeps dental devices away from residue. Loop handle makes lifting secure and easy. Made and printed in China. Look for these other Sea-Bond® products: Sea-Bond® dental adhesive. Sea-Bond® dental brush. Questions? 800-431-2610. For general information, visit us at: