OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose Test Strips Blue - 50 CT



Store below 86 degrees F (30 degrees C). Do not refrigerate. For single use only. Consult instructions for use. Do not use if expiration date has passed. Use within 6 months of opening test strip vial.



One Touch® Ultra® Blood Glucose Test Strips Blue. Double Sure® technology. Proven accuracy. For blood glucose testing with the One Touch® Ultra® family of meters and the One Touch® Ping® meter remote.

Other Description

Each test strip contains: Glucose oxidase (aspergillus niger) 0.08 IU; ferricyanide 22µg; other ingredients (buffer, etc.). The test strip vial contains a drying agent. For blood glucose testing with these One Touch® Ultra® meters: One Touch® Ultra® 2. One Touch® Ultra Smart®. One Touch® Ping®. One Touch® Ultra®. One Touch® Ultra Link®. One Touch® Ultra Mini®. Life Scan a Johnson & Johnson Company. Double Sure® technology automatically checks each sample twice to confirm the result. Requires just a speck of blood. Covered at the lowest co-pay on most health plans. For: Life Scan Europe, Division of Cilag GmbH International 6300 Zug Switzerland. In vitro diagnostic. For self-testing. 1 vial of 50 test strips. As your partner in diabetes care, we welcome you to contact us. 1 800 227 8862 (English). Visit us at: for valuable diabetes-related knowledge, tools, and special offers. ©2008 Life Scan, Inc. All rights reserved.


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