Tanglefoot Fruit Fly Trap - 2 CT



Safe to use in areas with food. Instructions: 1. Open lid and remove loose contents. 2. Remove lure (small pouch similar to a teabag) from package, soak it in water for 15 seconds, and place in the bottom of the trap. 3. Fold the card along score, sticky side facing into the fold, open slightly and peel off the release paper. 4. Insert sticky card into jar with sticky side facing into jar. 5. Replace lid. 6. Place trap where fruit flies are present, such as in the kitchen, or where fruit and vegetables are stored. 7. Replace sticky card when full. 8. Remoisten lure after 3 days and replace after 7 days.



Fruit Fly Trap. Non-toxic, pesticide free. Proven to catch more! Works immediately. Easy to use, no mess. Reusable & recyclable. 2 traps included!

Other Description

System Includes: 2 reusable traps, 2 lures, 2 sticky cards. 1-800-767-8658. 1-250-413-3250. [email protected] www.contech-inc.com. Tanglefoot┬« since 1885. ┬ęContech Enterprises Inc.