d-Con Mouse Glue Trap - 4 CT



Step 1: Separate the traps and place on the floor. Step 2: Place glue side up against the wall or baseboard in the areas where you see or suspect that mice run. No bait is needed. For best results, place several d-Con Glue Traps in various locations, since mice tend to search for food in many places. If mice are not caught in 4-5 days, move the traps to a new location. Step 3: Once a mouse is caught, discard the entire trap.



d-Con Mouse Glue Trap. Traps mice. Solves mouse problems fast. Professional strength. Net contents: 4 glue traps. 4 mouse glue traps.

Other Description

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Keep out of reach of children or pets.
Caution: Do not place traps where children or pets will come in. Contact with the adhesive. In case of accidental contact with the adhesive, clean off with mineral spirits or other appropriate cleaner.


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