Sun Light Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Lemon Citrus Burst



Ultra Sunlight® Lemon Citrus Burst Dishwashing Liquid. 28 fl oz (1.75pt) 828ml.

Other Description

From the first dish to the last, enjoy the crisp, refreshing fragrance of Ultra Sunlight® lemon citrus burst. The Ultra Sunlight® concentrated formula and thick, rich suds cut through grease leaving dishes sparkling clean. Gentle on hands. Phosphate free. Sun™. ©2010 The Sun Products Corporation. Questions? Call 1-800-418-3162.


Caution: keep out of reach of children. Do not mix with chlorine bleach or other household cleaning products. If product contacts eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If swallowed, drink a glass of water to dilute. Do not use in automatic dishwashers.