PowerHouse Steel Wool Soap Pads - 12 CT



Simply moisten the pad, rub surface. Once food particles are loosened, rinse with clean water. For longer pad life: After each use, gently squeeze out excess moisture and place on a dry clean surface.



PowerHouse?? Steel Wool Soap Pads - 12 CT. 20% More free. *Compare to S.O.S.??. Heavy duty steel wool soap pads. Cuts grease shines aluminum.

Other Description

*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Clorox, distributor of S.O.S.??. Great for heavy duty cleaning! 12 steel wool soap pads. Greasy pots, pans & cookware. Ovens & broilers. Barbecue grills & outdoor furniture. Tires & tools. Cuts through tough grease.


Caution: Test small area to determine whether surface will scratch. Soap pads are not recommended for cleaning plastic ware, porcelain, non-stick cookware, glassware or polished/brushed or satin finished surfaces.


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